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Israeli wounded veterans gave their best securing our country and the people we care about. It’s time to help them.

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Announcing Beit Halochem California!

The Golden State supporting the Israeli Wounded Veterans!

I'm pleased to announce the opening of the new branch of Beit Halochem in California! Beit Halochem is an Israeli institution that works for the well being and rehabilitation of thousands of IDF veterans wounded while serving in the military. Our missing is to foster the full reintegration of disabled IDF veterans into society. To enable them to live their lives with respect and dignity.

As a wounded IDF veteran myself I'm privileged and proud to be able to represent our organization in the United States. Please support Beit Halochem in our mission. Thank you for your generosity and time

Pinhas Rahav
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Our grand opening event will be announced soon! Prepare to join us in honoring our veterans.
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